Product Categories
  • Thermistors NTC/PTC/LPTC/PPTC
  • Level/Temp/Reed Switch Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Thermal Fuse/Thermal Protector
  • Temperature/Humidity Transmitter
  • Cable Assembly/Wire Harness
  • Thermistors NTC/PTC/LPTC/PPTC
    Thermistor as a thermal sensitive passive component it shows negative or positive resistance effect with changing of subject temperature.  With its predictable and accuracy sensing performance,  it is widely used in circuit performing as measurement control or protect functions
  • Level/Temp/Reed Switch Sensor
    With the interaction between matching parameter reed and magnet, Focusens design and produce proximate switch as both vertical and horizontal types. Our switch sensor give control liquid level,proximate position with combination of temperature control as electrical switch for extensive applications.
  • Temperature Sensor
    Focusens concentrate on components solution for temperature, humidity, level and position sensing and control.  We design develop and produce sensors for 5 major applications : Household, automobile both fueled and EV energy,medical, IoT and industry Our sensor covers full line of thermistors,PT RTDs, Thermocouples,as well as Digital types like DS18B20 ,LM35 ,TMP117, DS2431 etc.for temperature sensing. We also flexible custom humidity and reed base magnetic level and position switch sensors for extensitive application conditions. 
  • Thermal Fuse/Thermal Protector
    Thermal Fuse or TCO thermal cut off are non-resettable electronic compontent, it will melt or broke out when circuit is over hot. The thermal protector however is auto or manually resetable protective devices cutting or connecting circuit under desired conditions.
  • Temperature/Humidity Transmitter
    We Adopt Standard Manufacturing Management.  Quality Control According to ISO 9001:2015 System and On site Management Strictly Conducted Under 6S System.  All our products are ROHS and REACH compliance.
  • Cable Assembly/Wire Harness
    In line with our temperature probes application, Focusens customize cable harness or wire assembly for line of Home Applications like white goods and black goods, Automobiles especially EV car or BMS , Medicals,Iot , and Industry Machines .
Industry Application

With more than 15 years field experience


 Strictly under control of ISO9001:2015 , Every part we delivered pass min.2*100% tests . 

Fast response within 24 hours throughout year

 100+ new products developped per year  

 We’ve exported to 60+Countries globally 
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Focus Sensing and Control Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Focusens is a ISO certified and patented company specially works in developing,producing and service of temperature sensors and thermal humidity components.
Focus Sensing and Control Technology Co.,LTD is a Sensor expert works professionally in Temperature, Humidity, Level sensing Fields. We are I.S.O. certified and patented factory located in National Grade High Tech Industry Zone of Hefei city, middle East China close to Shanghai. We were awarded as Chinese National Grade Hi-Tech.Enterprise in year 2020.  Basically we works for 5 main industry lines , household electricity, Automobile, Medical, IoT and Industry.  Under our brand name Focusens , we develop and produce thermistors and resistance Temperature Sensors NTC ,PTC ,RTD, we also R&D and manufacture varisous digital temperature sensors, Temp humidity transmitters, door switch sensors as well as float level sensors. All our products are RoHS and Reach compliance, reliability meeting relevant IEC standard or industry standard like AECQ200. Focusens have a project and sales engineer team that have almost 20 years sensor field experience, which enable us flexible and reliable product development and professional customer project support. We annually develop 100+ new sensor solutions for different applications ,and we’ve exported to over 60 countries ,especially Westen European , South European , North America and South East Asia. Focusens equipped with advanced processing  assembling and testing machines like Auto Chip Selection Machine, Multi-Functional Computer Wire Cutting Machine, Precision Spot Welding Machine, 0.01’ Degree C super high precision thermal bath Machine, Precision constant humidity chamber etc. Directly buy , distribution, agent or OEM, we welcome various models of cooperation. Drop us contact or visit , start your pleasant experience of cooperation with Focusens.
Certification of Reach
Rohs Certification for Food Temperature Sensor
PAH Certification for Meat Probe Temperature Sensor
IP on a software for High and Low Storage Test Controller
IP of Innovation on a humidity transmitter
IP of Initiation on a copper tie material feeding Machine
ISO 9001:2015
IP68 Test Report
Certification of ROHS
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