FDA compliance food Temperature Sensor for sous vide with Mineral insulated Cable

NTC Thermistor sous vide cooking Temperature Sensor

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    NTC Thermistor
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    Shanghai / Ningbo/Hefei/Shenzhen
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    4 weeks
  • Sensing Component:

    Thermocouple K / T type; RTD PT1000 class A/B
  • Working Temperature:

    -10 – 300 °C [ 77 – 113 °F ]
  • Thermal Time:

  • Hi-Pot:

    1000V AC
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FDA compliance food Temperature Sensor for sous vide with Mineral insulated Cable

Typical Applications

Food temperature sensing control


High accuracy in Working Temperature range -10-200'C  

      FDA safety Stainless Steel probe

      Sharp tip for inside food temperature sensing

      Silicon handle with PAH compliance 

Typical Sizes:

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Flexible Custom Design &Development Welcomed.  Contact us now for more details or for your sensing solutions

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