AT1315 Contact Reed Switch Magnet Sensor with ABS Enclosure for Refrigerator Door

This AT1315 door switch sensor is often used to detect when a door or drawer is open, it have mounting tabs and holes to screws onto door wall. Both working model NO and NC options available .
  • Brand:

  • Sensing Component:

    ORD324 Actuator
  • Working Temperature:

    -30℃~+80℃ / -30~105℃ / -30℃~+150℃
  • Product Detail

AT1315 Flange Mounting Contact Magnet Switch for Refrigerator Door/ Drawer

The AT1315  Magnetic sensor are uniquely designed and constructed to flanged mounting to refrigerator door or drawer. One part of the switch contains arranged reed switches, the other part contains a matching magnets,they work together producing a symmetrical magnetic field. 

It’s case design enables screw or adhesive mounting. Rated working temperature designed from 80°C,105°C and 150°C. It is capable of switching up to 265Vac/300Vdc at 10VA. 

Key Parameters:

Sensing Component
Magnetic Sensor
Case Material

PBT/ABS/ Nylon 

Black or White

Working Temp
-30+80℃ / -30~105℃ / -30℃~+150℃ 
Cable Material
NdFeB magnets
Switch Element
On request
Maxmim Currency
Initial Contact Resistance
Contactor Load

Typical Applications

• Position and limit sensing

• Security system switch

• Door switch

• Linear actuators

Typical Sizes:

Working Principle

Ordering Code:

       Flexible Custom Design &Development Welcomed.  Contact us now for more details or for your sensing solutions

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