• Two major indicators of lithium battery composition capacity equipment: temperature and accuracy
    July 29, 2022 Two major indicators of lithium battery composition capacity equipment: temperature and accuracy
    Lithium battery formation: generally refers to the implementation of a series of technological measures to stabilize the performance of the initially charged battery, including small current charge and discharge, constant temperature static, etc. Lithium battery capacity division: that is to analyze the capacity. During the manufacturing process of the battery, the actual capacity of the battery cannot be completely consistent due to technological reasons. Through certain charge and discharge tests, the process of classifying the battery by capacity is called capacity division. The capacity division of the battery is completed by the chemical composition container (because the basic principles of chemical composition and capacity division are the same, the functions of chemical composition and capacity division are integrated in the same cabinet, which is called chemical composition container), and the function of dividing into a container is actually It is like a charger, but it can charge and discharge a large number of batteries at the same time. When the battery is divided into capacity, the data of each detection point is obtained through computer management, so as to analyze the data such as the capacity and internal resistance of these batteries, and determine the quality level of the battery. This process is capacity division. After the battery is divided for the first time, it needs to stand for a period of time, generally not less than 15 days. During this period, some inherent quality problems will appear. In order to improve the electrochemical performance of the battery such as cycle life, stability, self-discharge, safety, etc., the consistency of the lithium battery must be strictly controlled or the battery grade must be accurately assessed. Very demanding. As an important link in the production and manufacture of lithium batteries, chemical composition plays a crucial role in the consistency and stability of the final product. However, for a long time, in the manufacturing process of lithium batteries, the high energy consumption of testing equipment, the large heat generation, the high temperature of the production environment, and the unstable accuracy have become the biggest pain points in this process. For chemical formation, the higher the control accuracy of current and voltage, the better the quality of lithium battery products. The accuracy of current and voltage sensors is more than 1/10,000 is an ideal choice. For capacity distribution, test accuracy and capacity distribution ambient temperature are the two most important indicators to test its performance, and they are also the two most important advantages of energy feedback equipment.
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  • Sensors add the finishing touch to future life and add color to smart technology
    July 29, 2022 Sensors add the finishing touch to future life and add color to smart technology
    Sensors are increasingly applied to various fields of social development and human life, such as industrial automation, robotics, medical diagnosis, household appliances, etc. In recent years, the global sensor industry has developed rapidly. Sensors not only enter people's daily work and family life, but also have been widely used in various sectors of the national economy. From the initial manufacturing of machinery and equipment, agricultural production, to electrical appliances, scientific instruments and meters, medical and health, communication electronics and automobiles, until the current smart home. Sensors are everywhere. In recent years, people's requirements for the quality of life have become higher and higher, which has led to an increasing demand for smart homes. The key parts of the smart home are mainly made of sensors, which naturally increases the sales of sensors. Sensors have become the touchstone in the wearable device industry chain, and a field with strong opportunities in the hardware industry chain. Taking Google Glass as an example, it has built-in more than 10 kinds of sensors, including the application of gyroscope sensor, acceleration sensor, magnetic sensor, linear acceleration and other sensors, which allows Google Glass to realize some functions that cannot be realized by traditional terminals, such as Users can take pictures with just a blink of an eye. All these intelligent operations are high-tech applications of source sensors. In the future, more sensor products may be fully applied in people's lives, and sensor technology will be further developed intelligently. In the future, sensors will perfectly fit with intelligent technology, and step by step towards a perfect intelligent life, it will not only subvert our vision, but also facilitate all aspects of our life and daily work.
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  • The golden bell of the charging pile: cells, BMS and sensors
    July 26, 2022 The golden bell of the charging pile: cells, BMS and sensors
    We know that the safety threat of electric vehicles is not only the risk that may be caused by the defects of intelligent algorithm and functional design. One of the most important reasons for people to fear the accident of electric vehicles is the threat and injury caused by the explosion of the battery. too serious. For example, when the vehicle is in a static state, problems such as battery overcharge, short circuit, and liquid leakage caused by imperfect battery system management, incompatible communication, and communication barriers with charging equipment cannot be monitored and alarmed in advance, resulting in thermal runaway, spontaneous combustion, and fire. Such situations require the management of battery safety through a battery management system (BMS). The battery management system uses the CAN communication protocol and real-time dual ECU multi-level monitoring, which makes the communication between the charging equipment and the battery management system smooth and coordinated to ensure the safety of the battery. During the charging process, if the three links of battery cell, BMS, and sensor do not cooperate well, spontaneous combustion may occur. For the dynamic temperature change of battery charging and discharging, first of all, the pack design of the battery itself is very important, and it is necessary to ensure the heat dissipation and reliability of the battery, and secondly, the constant temperature thermal management technology of the battery pack of the electric vehicle can control the temperature of the battery cell more stably at a high efficiency, safe temperature range.
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  • Wide application of temperature sensors in various industries
    May 31, 2022 Wide application of temperature sensors in various industries
    In today's society, temperature sensors can be said to be ubiquitous. Air conditioning systems, refrigerators, rice cookers, electric fans and other home appliances, as well as handheld high-speed and high-efficiency computers and electronic equipment, all need to provide temperature sensing functions. Taking a computer as an example, the faster the CPU runs, the more heat it dissipates. In order to prevent the computer system from being damaged by overheating, the system must strengthen the overheating protection function. On the other hand, if the system performs high-speed wireless transmission, it is necessary to provide temperature compensation due to frequency shift. The traditional temperature sensor method is limited by its package size, linear performance or accuracy, but the current temperature sensor chip not only has low power consumption and high accuracy, but also has better linear performance than traditional temperature sensors. The most important point It is easy to use. The chip development of temperature sensor has four directions: analog, digital, remote diode, and system monitor. The analog output temperature sensor is suitable for use in cellular mobile phones. Since these types of phones are very sensitive to temperature, over or under temperature protection is very important.
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  • Advance notice--2022 Sensor Industry Summit Forum
    April 25, 2022 Advance notice--2022 Sensor Industry Summit Forum
    Advance notice--2022 Sensor Industry Summit Forum
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  • Operating Precautions for Temperature Transmitters
    June 21, 2022 Operating Precautions for Temperature Transmitters
    The temperature transmitter technology has been very mature, and it is very common in various factories. The temperature transmitter is often used in conjunction with some instruments, and there are often some small faults during the supporting use. The more common faults and solutions are as follows. First, the output of the transmitter does not change when the temperature of the measured medium increases or decreases. Most of these cases are caused by the sealing of the temperature transmitter. It may be because the temperature transmitter is not sealed well or is careless during welding. The sensor is welded with a small hole, which generally requires replacing the transmitter housing to solve. Second, the output signal is unstable. This reason is the reason of the temperature source, which is an unstable temperature. If the instrument display is unstable, it is the reason that the anti-interference ability of the instrument is not strong. Third, the output error of the transmitter is large, and there are many reasons for this situation. It may be that the resistance wire of the selected temperature transmitter is not correct, resulting in a wrong range, or it may be that the transmitter is not calibrated well when it leaves the factory.
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  • 2022 Sensor Industry Summit Forum Invitation Letter

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